2014 High School Summer Program

2014 High School Summer Program

After-School Programs
Rise and Shine Tutoring Services is an after-school program designed to provide professional tutors to help students, parents, and schoolteachers achieve their dreams. Our expert teachers offer private, one-on-one, tutoring in Math, English Language and Reading for at risk students or students preparing for SAT/ACT. Private tutoring offers the most effective and time-efficient way to prepare for the SAT/ACT. Our individualized courses of study quickly pinpoint students strengthens and weaknesses and allow students to work directly with one of our instructors to over come their specific problems.

Achieving Excellency in Math and Science
Studies have shown that U.S. high school students continue to slip further behind other nations in their ability to apply scientific concepts and skills, and the percentage of American undergraduates earning degrees in science and mathematics is far below that of other competitive nations. As a result, the American institute for Resource and Human Development, Inc. established the AEIY Science and Mathematics Weekend and Summer Camp program in order to provide high school students from the selected counties with a thorough, rigorous, and standards-based education, with a special emphasis on Mathematics and Science. The AEIY program will provide vital knowledge and opportunity to the young graduates so that they will become self-motivated, competent, life-long learners, who are ready to engage with the changing world. AEIY program serves 100 eligible high-school students from ninth to twelfth (9th-12th) grade in the selected counties indicated above.

Youth Enrichment Programs
Every summer, our youth enrichment program titled “Civic Education for Social Change (CESC)” provides selected area high school students in grades 9 through 12 in metro Atlanta, Rockdale, and Newton counties the opportunity to participate in a four-week summer intensive youth development program. This program combines rigorous and engaging academic work with community service and hand-on field experiences designed to help young people develop the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills they need to make a positive impact on society.

Global Education and Language Studies
Educational systems in America traditionally have assumed the responsibility of preparing young Americans to cope with a changing world. Today, this obligation is becoming more pronounced than ever before in both intensity and need. The dynamic nature of both technology and interdependence among nations of the world is rapidly changing the economic and political landscape of the existing international system. This rapid and at times unsettling transformation has created an urgent need for a new generation trained to solve problems, think creatively, and enter the international arena with a good academic base of knowledge, skills, culture, foreign work experience, and foreign language proficiency. We already live in a “global village” in which each country’s survival depends on its ability to understand and cooperate with other nations. An educational system does not fulfill its obligations properly if its students are not exposed to the new global realities and if they are not adequately prepared to comprehend the logical realities of interdependence among nations. Thus, the need for expanding both international education and addressing the critical foreign language need and inter-cultural issues provided the justification for the establishment of the International and African Studies Outreach Office of the American Institute for Resource and Human Development, Inc that works in partnership with foreign institutions and schools, colleges, and universities throughout Georgia and beyond to prepare teachers and students for Global Education and promote study abroad and foreign exchange.

Free Enterprise Leadership Development and Small Business Education
American Institute for Human and Resource Development, Inc. teaches Free Enterprise Leadership and Entrepreneur Program every summer to develop entrepreneur and leadership initiatives that give high school students a competitive edge in the world of business while promoting leadership and communication skills, technological competency, international business understanding, business ethics, and civic mindedness.

Entrepreneur Development and Assistance Education
Institute for Entrepreneurial Development Assistance and Education (IEDAE) is structured to provide counseling and training to minority businesses including working with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to develop and provide information and tools to support business start-ups and existing business expansion. The IEDAE provides one-on-one professional consulting for minority business owners and would-be entrepreneurs. Business assistance includes advice on operating challenges in existing businesses, review of business plans and strategies, guidance in starting new businesses, preparing of loan application requests, financial analysis and budget preparation. In summary, the IEDAE provides the following assistance: (1) Identify business opportunities; (2) Evaluate risks versus rewards; (3) Assist in developing a business plan; (4) Identify resources and financial viability; (5) Determine market demand; (6) Assist with the site selection and plant layout; (7) Establish a local network of service providers: accountants, bankers, investors, attorneys, and community leaders; (8) Assist with information technology needs: computer networks, and software; and (9) Provide educational outreach and training activities.