Computer Outreach

Computer & Technology Enrichment Program for Students and Our Community

computer-labMost schools do not offer technology enrichment activities and workshops that could benefit students academically and make them more competitively employable in the workplace. Our technology and computer after-school program is designed to help bridge the digital divide in the low-income communities by addressing the needs of high school students to gain technology skills that support improved academic performance, which are needed to succeed in college and future employment. Also, less than 20 percent of residents in our target areas own a computer. As over 70 percent of all jobs currently use computers and 90 percent use computer-related technologies, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to gain technology skills. Therefore, the newly opened computer lab will be open and accessible to both students and parents in our community. This computer lab is important since many minority students and their families do not have access to a computer at home. High school students may use the open lab after school for research, writing papers, and other school assignments. While the open computer lab is focused particularly on high school students, walk-in adults and community members may also use the computer lab.