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Our Mission

To Help You Get Where You Want to Go

Ever wanted to really explore your life and your future?

Ever wanted to have a place to go that’s just for you?

We have created a place where you can get free information on education, job preparation, research, grant writing, study abroad opportunities, and more- for you!


American Institute for Resource and Human Development (AIRHD) is a public, non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to addressing human development needs and the general well-being of youth around the world. This is accomplished by providing resources and human services while guiding you in:

  • Developing your personal growth potential.
  • Fine-tuning your interpersonal skills and professional abilities.
  • Helping you become a positive social force in a technological, interdependent, multicultural society.

In partnership with schools, colleges, universities, businesses, private and public organizations, AIRHD seeks to tackle today’s social, economic, cultural, environmental and global challenges through education, human resource development and research. Our professional membership is made up of experts and academicians that come from a cross-section of colleges and universities throughout the United States.