African Studies

Institute for African Awareness, Inc.

The Institute for African Awareness, Inc. (IAA) is a public, non-profit program committed to addressing human development needs in Africa and throughout the world. Through the persistence and relentless effort of a few dedicated African Professionals, IAA was established in 1994 to increase the involvement of African professionals, as well as other people of African origin, in African affairs. This project is part of a 501(c)3 organization.

In partnership with the organizations and people it serves, the IAA seeks to meet today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges through education and human resource development. By applying state-of-the-art education, training, research, technology, and management to problem solving, IAA strives to improve knowledge and skills throughout Africa. Through this project, we seek to foster mutual personal and educational growth between program participants living in the United States and the peoples of Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries.

Participants in our African Studies Program enjoy developing an understanding of educational practices abroad, develop social and professional relationships with people in the global community, and be a part of valuable discussions designed to facilitate the Institute for Human and Resource Development, Inc.’s mission to develop it’s programs, which foster greater global economic and international education and relations. Critical issues addressed include:

  • Orphaned Children (due to HIV/AIDS and other casualties)
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Education Targeting Youth
  • Bridging the Digital Divide with Technology and Computer Literacy Education
  • Micro-Enterprise and Financial Literacy to Empower Rural Women

With grants and contracts from both private and public foundations, the IAA operates programs in collaboration with schools, colleges, universities, businesses, governmental and non-governmental agencies, community-based organizations, and policy makers.

See Below for Historic Sites Visited and Program Participants Involved with the Institute for African Awareness, Inc.

An Educational Site used for Program Activities in Tanzania


An African American Teacher Abroad (in Tanzania)

american-teacherInstitute for African Awareness’ Group Study Abroad (This group spent 8 weeks in Tanzania.)¬†This is our group of educators who had been involved in a very important project teaching and working with children orphaned by AIDS/HIV.

African Awareness' Group Study Abroad

Education and Enrichment Through International Study

Your International Study will include a two week program for which you will have a healthy agenda of formal educational and enrichment activities.

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